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Society secretary Dominic Curran, welcomes guest speaker Mr John Oldfield from Bradford Astronomical Society at the March monthly meeting

Mr John Oldfield from Bradford Astronomical society was the guest speaker at the March monthly meeting of Keighley Astronomical society


Mr Oldfield covered both the personal life and struggles of Prof Hawking and his professional discoveries in the study of cosmology and understanding of the wider universe.

In the mid 1960’s he studied singularities in the theory of general relativity and applied his ideas to the study of black holes. In the 1970’s Prof Hawking Discovered that by using quantum theory and general relativity he was able to show that black holes can emit radiation



He discovered that black holes could leak energy and particles into space, and could even explode. It is published in the journal Nature, in 1974. The theory is known as Hawking radiation.



In 1988, Prof Hawking Published ‘A Brief History of Time : From the Big Bang to Black Holes’. The book was a worldwide best seller



He continued to study the working of the Cosmos and published several popular books on the recent breakthroughs in physics and the most complex theories of how the universe works.



The presentation was right up to date with Prof Hawking’s latest work on the Black hole paradox. After nearly 30 years of arguing black holes destroy everything that falls into it, he admits that they may allow information within them to escape.