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Discovering the Universe over Yorkshire

Keighley Astronomical Society meet on a monthly basis. We are a group of like-minded individuals who all share a love of the night sky. Thanks for visting the site. We hope to see you at a meet soon but in the mean time these pages should tell you everything you need to know!

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Introduction to Astronomy Course 2014

Posted on Oct 29 by

They successfully completed a five week adult vocational course entitled ‘An Introduction to Astronomy. The course covered the basics of the science; The formation and...


2014 Astrofestival

Posted on Oct 29 by

Sunday 19th October 2014, Keighley Astronomical Society at East Riddlesden Hall, Astrofestival 2014. organised by Bradford Astronomical Society and the National trust. The events...


September Society Meeting

Posted on Sep 30 by

Society chairman Paul Neaves Gave a presentation to 40 society members on the wonders of the Autumn night sky. Covering the forthcoming months events in Space and the seasons...


‘A’ star

Posted on Sep 1 by

Well done to young Keighley Astronomy society member Cassie Barlow-Hall for getting a ‘A star grade’ in GCSE Astronomy. It has been a subject that really captured her...


June Society Meeting

Posted on Sep 1 by

“Aperture fever”. Getting the most out of amateur and profession telescopes.” Mike Evans (Leeds University) demonstrates to members of Keighley Astronomical Society...