We appreciate that GCSE and A-level exams are a stressful time for all students and their families. We can offer tuition on a one-to-one basis, and in small groups.  The most productive way to learn. Private tuition can help students catch up after temporarily falling behind, to learn a subject outside the school environment, to stretch students further and give closer attention to the needs of students than is possible in a classroom environment.

Specialist tuition in GCSE Astronomy (level 2)

The programme is divided into the following units:

  1. Unit 1: Understanding the Universe.

Subjects covered:

  • Earth, Moon, and Sun
  • Planetary systems
  • Stars
  • Galaxies and Cosmology


You will be assessed through one – two hour examination paper in June containing the four topics. The paper has a variety of different questions types such as multiple choice questions, short and extended answer questions; graphical and data questions.

The paper is not tiered, it covers all grades from A* to G.

  1. Unit 2: Exploring the Universe.
  1. Is the practical element of the course involving two astronomical observations.
  2. Choose two observational projects, one to be completed with the naked eye and the other using an astronomical instrument.

Specialist tuition in GCSE Physics

The programme covers the following units:

  1. How science works.
  2. The transfer of energy by heating processes.
  3. Infrared radiation
  4. Kinetic theory.
  5. Electrical energy.
  6. Properties of waves.
  7. Sound
  8. Forces and their effects.
  9. The kinetic energy of objects s.
  10. Momentum
  11. Electrical circuits.
  12. Current, charge and power.
  13. Atomic structure and radiation.
  14. Nuclear fission and nuclear fusion.
  15. Medical applications of physics.
  16. The structure of the eye.
  17. Centre of mass.
  18. Moments
  19. Hydraulics
  20. The motor effect.
  21. Controlled Assessment.

Specialist tuition in GCSE Mathematics

The programme covers the following units:

  1. Structure and calculation.
  2. Fractions, decimals and percentages.
  3. Measures and accuracy.
  4. Notation, vocabulary and manipulation.
  5. Graphs
  6. Solving equations and inequalities.
  7. Sequences
  8. Ratio, proportion and rates of change.
  9. Geometry and measures.
  10. Probability
  11. Statistics

How to express your interest?

If you would like specialist tuition tailored to your studies in these subjects contact Keighley Astronomical society, here, and we can discuss your needs and aspirations.