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The guest speaker at the September meeting of Keighley Astronomical Society was the eminent Italian Astro-physicist, Prof Paola Caselli. She currently resides at the school of Physics and Astronomy at Leeds University.  She started her research the prestigious   Arcetri Observatory, in Florence Italy. Which was founded close to the home of the famous sixteenth century physicist, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher Galileo Galilei. Her presentation was on her study into ‘Our Astro-chemical heritage’ Prof Caselli studies the chemical composition of meteorites, comets and other small bodies which are a remnant of the very first phases of the solar systems formation. She explained that water (H2O) has been with us from the earliest point in time. She commented after her visit

“I had a lot of fun exploring the Star centre and it was great to meet the Society’s members. The questions were really really good and revealed a good depth of knowledge from the members”.

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