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Primary school pupils in Keighley learned about the science behind space travel and the how rockets work..

Keighley Astronomical Society used  part of a grant from the Skipton Building Society’s Grassroots Giving Fund to stage a visit to year five students at Merlin Top primary. Two classes of approx 30 ‘Space cadets’ were glued to a presentation on the size of the solar system and the distances astronauts have traveled to establish footholds in orbit and on the Moon. The lessons concluded with each ‘Space cadet’ constructing and decorating their own paper rocket, which was launched to loud applause in the school playground using a compressed air foot pump. Several parents also attended to assist and see the children complete the workshop.

The Class teacher Ms Hinitt said “The children were hooked from the start, and thoroughly enjoyed the launching of their rockets.Keighley astronomical society were very professional, engaging and quickly built good engagement with the pupils”.