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Here is the latest news regarding the astronomy society meetings as we move forward.

Financially, the society is fine. We entered March with £698 in the bank account, and we still have that sum, as the church have been very good and not charged us any rent or other expenses.

With regard to future society meetings, I have had detailed discussions with the church management. There are several layers of rules and guidance to be taken into consideration. Top of the list is directly from the UK government, followed in turn, by that from Bradford City council, The Methodist Church of Great Britain, and Steeton Methodist Church itself.

Steeton Methodist Church remains closed and has not resumed church services. Before it does so it requires a deep clean, Health and safety assessments and risk assessments committed to paper. I have offered to assist in these matters.

From a society point of view the ONLY concern is the safety of the guest speakers and you the members. Many of the guest speakers and you the society members will not wish to attend meetings at the present time. As we have seen with the implementations of local lockdowns and the potential for an increase in the virus over the winter months, it has been agreed that society meetings will NOT be taking place for the remainder of this year.

I had hoped that circumstances would have changed and that we would be able to resume our monthly meetings, for a variety of reasons in addition to those outlined above we cannot, and should not.

Looking ahead; the remaining society meetings scheduled for the spring and summer of 2021 are still planned to go ahead. Of course, that may well be subject to change and I will keep everyone updated as we move forward in these uncertain times.

I appreciate that losing any of our highly anticipated society meetings will come as a big disappointment, but rest assured that we will make it up to you in the future just as soon as it’s safe and sensible to do so.

In the meantime, I thank you for your continued patience and understanding, and look forward to the day we can welcome everyone back to the wonders of the universe at our little astronomy society.

In the mean time you can keep in touch with us on social media, by e-mail and of course the society website.

Please keep in touch. If any of you are observing and have the opportunity to obtain photos etc, please forward them to me for other members to see.

I will continue to publish the monthly newsletter. E-mail you all with news and update the facebook page with the latest from NASA, ESA and other Space exploration and astronomy organisations.

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Best wishes and stay safe