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Deep sky objects images from Silsden by astronomer Pamela Whitfield.

Pamela said “It was more an interesting image than fantastic – the supernova SN2022hrs from exotic Silsden. A quick calibration had the magnitude as 12.5 matching online reports so I was happy”.

“The sky is a bit thin on the ground for nebulae this time of year and my setup isn’t that well suited to most galaxies so I tend to go after some weirder stuff before high summer cuts me off completely. Comets, quasars and all that stuff. The comet is C/2020 V2 (ZTF). Next target is an asteroid if the weather cooperates”.

“I spent all my imaging time on a single target between Jan-Mar getting a few hours here and there. Out of 21 imaging sessions I ended up using 42hrs of data on the Spider and Fly nebulae. There’s almost no oxygen in there so I used a HSS palette which is a bit of an oddity in itself with some RGB stars”.