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Wednesday night the 7th October 2015 was a dream come true if you are searching for the ‘Northern lights’.
The green arch of light stretched right across the northern horizon, and was clearly visible to the naked eye. Stargazers noted that every now and again there were pillars of light projecting high into the sky. Around 9.30pm it became more energetic with pulses of greens and purples. There were curtains of light rippling and dancing across the horizon.
Here are a few images of the Aurora taken by society members and others across the north of England.

Charles Barker
From Society member Charles Barker taken at Wilsden

Jeff Noon
Taken by society member Jeff Noon at Pendle

Pendal 7
Taken by society member Jeff Noon at Pendle

Sutton in Craven
Above Sutton In Craven