Interested in Astronomy and Space education?

At Keighley Astronomical Society we know that young people are inspired to learn

through a variety of activities. Space related education programmes are powerful motivators. We deliver a range of workshops that bring the fun, excitement and inspiration of astronomy and the exploration of space to schools, youth groups and local communities.

Who Are We?

Established over two years ago. The society membership meets once a month to hear guest speakers from across the north of England present lectures on Astronomy and space related science.

We hold family orientated observation meetings, to view the wonders of the night sky.

We run short educational courses of our own.  We work with youth organisations, such as the cub scouts and brownies, as well as primary schools, and adult interest groups.

We aim to help others reach their full potential, through a fun, and a creative delivery of science technology, engineering and mathematics in a space teamed approach.

Missions we offer

We can bring the wonders of our universe to your classroom or club, with short tailored programmes and workshops, which support national curriculum learning at all ages. Examples are:-


Galileo and 400 years of the telescope

It was 400 years ago the astronomer Galileo Galilei used the newly invented telescope to look at the night sky. This workshop covers the early history of astronomy. Students look at Galileo’s original notes that confirm that we are not the centre of the solar system. His life and works are discussed. Students make their own Galileo telescope and compare it with modern equipment. Students will see a working replica of an 18th Century orrery.  A mechanical computer to model Galileo’s discovery.


The Rocket Workshop

Rockets task students with problem solving, critical thinking, and builds communication skills. They will design, build and launch air powered rockets. Few classroom activities generate as much excitement as space rockets. This workshop also contains background information about the history of human space exploration. What a fun way to learn science, technology, engineering and maths.


How big is big?

This workshop moves outward from your school, changing scales to cover the Earth, the solar system, our galaxy and beyond. How far is the moon, and how many planets do we really have. How to make sense of it all, and really understand where we fit in. Students will discover the answers in this full and engaging session. Students will make their own planisphers to map the night sky as well as recognition of the constellations and designing their own star astrium.


Mission to Mars?

Mars has always fascinated us with grand tales of alien invasion and human exploration. This workshop covers an introduction to rocketry and the problems of landing on the red planet. Students with a limited budget and limited resorses will design and build a planetary lander to place their eggonaught on the planets surface, safely. In addition to problem solving skills, this covers team working, managing budgets, communication skills, design and engineering.

All workshops are presented with stunning audiovisual material and the opportunity for a question and answer session on all aspects of astronomy.


If you would like more information or you are interested in booking us for one of our ‘Missions’ then please click here to get in contact.