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Discovering the Universe over Yorkshire
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Discovering the Universe over Yorkshire

Keighley Astronomical Society meet on a monthly basis. We are a group of like-minded individuals who all share a love of the night sky. Thanks for visting the site. We hope to see you at a meet soon but in the mean time these pages should tell you everything you need to know!

Members of the Federation of Astronomy societies


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The December night sky

Posted on Nov 27 by

To end 2021 there is a parade of planets after sunset and an impressive display of shooting stars, as well as the brilliant winter constellations. The Plough is now standing on...


‘Art and Astronomy’

Posted on Nov 1 by

The guest speaker at the October meeting of Keighley Astronomical Society was Mr Peter Reynolds from neighbouring Bradford Astronomical Society. Mr Reynolds opened his...


The November Night sky

Posted on Oct 19 by

The Milky Way rises overhead on these dark November nights, providing a stunning inside perspective on the huge Galaxy that is our home in the cosmos. After your eyes have...


The October night sky

Posted on Sep 29 by

The glories of October’s night sky can at best be described as ‘Subtle’. The dull autumn constellations are already being challenged by the brilliant lights of winter....


Society meetings resumed

Posted on Sep 29 by

After the cancellation of monthly society meetings due to the covid pandemic restrictions, the first society meeting of the season was held on Thursday 23rd September. Society...