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Milestones in Astronomy. Was the title of Mr Rod Hinds presentation at the June meeting of Keighley astronomical society. At another packed meeting Mr Hind from Bradford Astronomical Society explained that the very first known written astronomical observations were by the Babylonians around 1600 B.C.; which recorded position of planets, times of eclipses. He continued along the time line pointing out the main individuals and there discoveries . The trials and tribulations that some of them suffered to have there discoveries recognised.

Mr Hind explained that each new scientific revelation and discovery was the foundation of the next increase in astronomical knowledge. Highlights of the presentation where the discoveries of Galileo. The details of his observation notes and drawn images of the movement of the Moons of Jupiter and Sun spots.

The time line of the presentation ended on the discoveries of Edwin Hubble.


Galileo’s drawings of sunspots


Galileo’s notes as he observed the movement of Jupiter’s largest moons