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Astronomy 015

On Saturday 4th June 2016 Keighley astronomical society were the guests of the ‘Friends of Silsden Town Hall’, to celebrate the Queens landmark birthday, and inspired by British astronaut Tim Peaks personnel birthday wishes to the Queen from the International space station.

The children learned about the wonders of the night sky and universe. They each made a planisphere to map the night sky and took part in several other hands on explanations of just what outer space is all about.

They constructed their own paper rocket and finally tested their designs with a launch. The children also had to include there own message of birthday wishes to the Queen from ‘Space station Silsden’ Prizes where given to the student who’s rockets traveled the furthest, and for the best designed rocket.

The children with the best designed message to the Queen were given the opportunity to select a book from the society’s collection of children’s astronomy collection.



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